Our world is in the grip of a crippling epidemic: a plague of foot problems caused by bad shoes.

Approximately three-quarters of us suffer foot ailments ranging from annoying blisters, corns, ingrown nails, bunions and hammer toes to far more severe problems, including conditions requiring amputation.

Medical observers estimate that at least two-thirds of all foot ailments and virtually 100% of corns, bunions, ingrown nails and blisters are caused by shoes. The evidence that shoes are inflicting injury on the feet they are supposed to protect is painfully obvious but frequently ignored

Americans alone spend about $26 billion annually on footwear. They then spend an additional $28 billion annually on pads, surgeries and other treatments to relieve the pain and suffering caused by their shoes.

So many people have suffered for so long that 62% of us think it is normal, or inevitable, for our feet to hurt.

It isn't!


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