Flexible Footwear is available in a wide range of lengths and widths to accommodate your individual needs. Beyond our production footwear, we offer you the opportunity to mis-mate or customize your footwear to meet your specific personal requirements.

Flexible Footwear can be resoled and restored to like-new condition, when necessary, for a fee of 50-75% of the cost of a new pair.

As you are fitted, we will ask that you share some information with us regarding yourself and your feet. We ask these questions to better serve you, not exploit you. Specifically we make the following pledges.

  • The information you share with us will not be sold, leased, traded or otherwise disseminated. Its only use will be to improve our product and services.
  • There will be no unsolicited intrusions by others into your life as a result of your sharing information or comments with us.
  • If there is communication from us, it will only be to address specific issues or concerns regarding an existing order.

    We are pleased that our footwear components are the finest in the world and that they are made and assembled by highly skilled and fairly compensated adults in the United States and Canada. This dedication to quality and fairness causes our shoes to cost more than some other products.

    We believe that Flexible Footwear is unquestionably the finest value in the marketplace. We believe-and trust you will agree-that your feet deserve nothing less.


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