One man's search for "shoes that work with your feet."

Twenty-five years ago a man with sore feet became convinced that traditional footwear, regardless of price, style or manufacturer, interfered with the natural operation of the human body, diminished the performance of every wearer and injured many. He made it his life's work to understand how the human foot operates; how shoes are made and how they could be made; and how to make footwear that is an extension of, and works in harmony with, the human body.

This vision lead to the founding of Flexible Footwear, a company committed to the creation of products that reflect the honesty, integrity and complexity of our natural world and allow humans to function harmoniously within it.

Any new product is faced with the obstacles of disbelief, disillusionment and cynicism resulting from the many false and misleading claims to which every individual has been exposed. Consequently we ask simply that you try Flexible Footwear. We are confident that putting our shoes on your feet will make a believer of you, because feeling is believing®.


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